Outdoor Landscape Lighting

There are numerous aspects to creating the perfect landscape for yourself, and one of most crucial is placing your home in the proper light. Apart from the stunning aesthetic benefits, the outdoor lighting you choose encourages your guests, your friends, and your family to spend more time in your little slice of paradise.


Gateway Landscape & Sprinkler Systems, Inc. can provide this ideal mood lighting through our reliable lighting suppliers; Vista and Kichler. From lighting a range of residential, commercial, and public properties, our options also come in a vast range of LED low-voltage fixtures to accent lights. We always keep up to date with the latest lighting technology, so that you might have the best available options.


Would you prefer a softly lit patio or a spotlight lit pathway?

Do you wish you have these lights on sensors or would you prefer turning them on yourself when company comes?

These are questions you may ask yourself when picturing your favorite spot gleaming with beam. Gateway Landscape & Sprinkler Systems, Inc. is here to assist you with all of your needs.


With the use of our energy-saving lights, we are not only helping the environment, but we are also keeping your pennies in your pocket. If you would like to shed some light on the situation, visit our lighting manufacturer's websites to decide which will best light up your life!

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Outdoor Lighting