Sprinklers and Irrigation

We take significant pride in our superior service department with full-time, year-round service technicians on staff.  Gateway Sprinkler Systems, Inc. can respond to your needs at a moment's notice, regardless of the time of year. 


There are two services necessary to maintain the integrity of the irrigation system:

Spring Start-Up: 

In the spring, we can perform a turn-on of your system, which includes a complete inspection and test of the system. 

This includes: 

• complete system inspection & testing

• pressurizing your system

• checking all zones for leaks

• checking and adjusting heads

• replacing back-up battery in controller if necessary

• verifying program/schedule. 


Spring turn-ons are normally performed in April or May, so call our office to schedule an appointment with our service technicians.


In the fall of each year, it is important to winterize your sprinkler system to avoid freezing of water in pipes. We will perform a complete winterization of your system.

This includes:

     • Purging your system of all water

     • High volume air compression

     • Shut off valves to prevent freezing

     • Prepare backflow meter for winter storage


Winter service is usually performed in late September to early November. Call us to schedule your appointment for your winterization.

We also provide service on most professional brands, including those listed below!

Call us today to schedule a service technician!


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