Xtreme Green Synthetic Turf

In our world, the grass is always greener. To complete your landscape needs, we would like to provide you with industry-leading synthetic turf.

Through Xtreme Green Synthetic Turf, we are equipped with the best tools, materials, and knowledge of design to bring your visions to life. Through our broad experiences, we are ready to introduce you to our synthetic turf solution. 


Our turf is used for a variety of purposes to suit your landscaping needs. If you are looking to spruce up your front yard or back yard, we are able to complete that for you. If you are seeking for your sports field, rec area, playground, or daycare to have a durable, but authentic feel, Xtreme Green is here for you. If you would love to work on your short game in golf, or would like to practice your drive, we have the green you are looking for.


Our brand of synthetic turf has many benefits, such as our 11 year color warranty, but one of the most impressive benefits comes from our pet turf. Not only can we make sure your family loves your new lawn, but so can your furry friends. Our long-lasting and durable turf is perfectly suited for a multitude of pets. Safe, non-allergenic, and sanitary, we want to provide your beloved animals with a lawn that is easy on the joints, soft on their paws, and enjoyed in their hearts. Call us today for an appointment, so we can get you on the greener side of life.